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Whiskas Senior Dry Food

Whiskas Senior Dry Food

Whiskas Senior dry cat food is a complete tasty and nutritious food for cats aged 8 years and over, tailored to meet their changing nutritional needs.

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• 100% complete
• Fully balanced for cats 8 years and over
• Taurine to support a healthy heart
• Natural oils - shiny coat
• Active ingredient for healthy teeth
• Vitamin A to support eyesight
• Gentle on tummies
• Minerals for urinary tract health
• No artificial colours or flavours

Whiskas Senior dry cat food is tailor made for older cats, 100% complete and balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals to promote good health and vitality. Taurine helps to support heart health with key essential oils to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. The crunchy and delicious kibble helps to support good oral health, with a specially added active ingredient to keep teeth healthy.

Balanced levels of essential minerals help to keep your senior cat's urinary tract healthy, to ensure they stay well from the inside out. High quality protein is used to ensure it is easy for your cat to digest, to ensure they can get the most from their food.

Whiskas Senior dry cat food will give your older cat all the nutritional support they need to stay fit and healthy.