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Dodson & Horrell Rolled Oats

Dodson & Horrell Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats are a straight 100% natural feed, which can be added to your horse's daily feed to provide additional energy levels required for higher workloads.

Price: £10.66

• Straight feed
• 100% oats
• Quality English oats
• Provides additional fibre
• Ideal for extra energy requirements

Rolled oats are whole oats that have been rolled flat by heavy rollers, which helps to increase digestibility. Oats have been fed to horses for many years prior to the introduction of complete compound feeds and are one of the most popular grains due to the more balanced nutrient content. They are high in fibre and have the lowest energy content of all the grains, yet still offer a great boost for horses working hard.

Dodson and Horrell Rolled Oats contain only high quality oats, and should be fed as part of a complete and balanced diet. These days horses are used more for leisure and oats have been used less, being replaced by cubes or mixes that have been balanced with essential vitamins and minerals, which are more suitable for their workload.

Oats fed on their own are low in calcium and high in phosphorous but used with good quality hay, grass, alfalfa and a general supplement can make a more balanced and complete diet with all essential nutrients. If you are looking for a feed to increase energy levels in your horse's diet then rolled oats can be added to your horse's daily feed to cater for increased workload.

Contents: 100% oats