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Dodson & Horrell Rolled Barley

Dodson & Horrell Rolled Barley

Rolled Barley is a straight feed from Dodson and Horrell.

Price: £9.53

• Rolled Barley
• 100% barley

The grains of Barley are very hard and need to be rolled by heavy rollers to crush the seed. Rolled Barley is considered a good feed for putting on condition on a horse, but not perfect as it is low in phosphorous and calcium, and it also lacks vitamins A and D, so when feeding it sources of these need to be added for a balanced diet for your horse.

It is recommended that the rolled barley should be fed with bulkier feeds such as sugar beet pulp, chopped hay, chaff or wheat bran, ensuring the larger feed should be about 20 to 25% of the mix.