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Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes

Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes

Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes providing slow releasing energy through a high fibre and oil feed with added micronutrients for overall health.

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o High in digestible fibre - low in starch
o Slow releasing energy for controlled behaviour
o Supports digestive health with essential fibre
o Added oil - condition and slow release energy
o Contains high specification of micronutrients
o Chelated minerals for improved absorption
o Suitable for all competition horses
o Can be fed as sole concentrate (at recommended rate)
o Suitable to mix with other Spillers feeds
o Ideal for over excitable competition horses

Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes are specially formulated for competition horses that are naturally 'fizzy' and get over excited. Slow Release Energy Cubes are higher in easily digestible fibres and are very low instarch, making them ideal for excitable horses that do not work well with the naturally faster releasing energy supplied from cereals that are higher in starch. Slow Release Cubes also contain oil, which provides additional energy, in a slow releasing form that promotes a calmer attitude. Oil is also great for the skin and coat, giving your horse a healthy shine. There is a balance of high specification micronutrients formulated to support condition, health and performance. They contain chelated minerals, slow Release Cubes also included essential antioxidants to support the immune response. The addition of this balance of high specification minerals in Spillers Slow Release energy Cubes makes them suitable to feed as the sole concentrate Spillers Slow Release Energy Cubes are a great way of adding extra energy to your horse's diet without overwhelming them with cereals. Cereals can often cause excitable behaviour if fed incorrectly or to horses they are not suitable for, as they have a high starch content, which provides fast releasing energy.