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Wendals Respiration

Wendals Respiration

This is a herbal supplement to help soothe the respiratory system and it contains herbs that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Price: £14.40

Wendals Respiration will help to support the horses normal respiratory system it naturally soothes and helps allow the natural discharge of mucus. It should be used regularly for long term relief. Horses are subject to many allergens in their environment and seasonal use of this product will help.

Contains:- fennel seed, garlic, liquorice, nettles, oregano, red clover and thyme. Analysis - Protein 15.5%, Fat 3.9%, Fibre 23.8%, Ash 8.7%.

Feeding instructions:-
Average horse 2-3 scoops daily , 10 grams for each 100kg bodyweight.
Mix well in tub before use and store in a cool dry place. Equine use only.
Available in 1Kg tub.