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Sorexa Rat Bait Station

Sorexa Rat Bait Station

Rat Bait Station suitable for indoors or outdoors.

Price: £6.55

* Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors
* Clear Feed tube for instant visibility of bait take
* Now holds over 75% more bait

Always refer to directions for use on the bait packaging
Thoroughly survey your premises , mark on a plan any areas where rat activity is detected, with particular attention to runs, nests and feeding areas.
Place Roguard Wide Pipers beside rat runs and between burrows and feeding areas but always in places which are inaccessible to other animals and birds. Where necessary secure in place with rocks, bricks, or other heavy objects or ties. Leave Roguard Wide Pipers unbaited for a least three days to allow rats to become used to them.
Fill the translucent tube with your chosen rodenticide, checking and replenishing bait in accordance with the directions for use on the bait packaging.
For effective control it may be necessary to also place the bait in areas where the use of Roguard Wide Pipers is not practicable e.g. holes, voids, corners. Here use conventional bait points and consider the use of Bait Blocks.

When bait take ceases , leave Roguard Wide Pipers in place for a further week before removing and disposing of left over bait safely.