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Lemieux Pro Lambskin Pro-Sorb Gp Jumping Numnah
Lemieux Pro Lambskin Pro-Sorb Gp Jumping Numnah
Lemieux Pro Lambskin Pro-Sorb Gp Jumping Numnah
Lemieux Pro Lambskin Pro-Sorb Gp Jumping Numnah

LeMieux ProLambskin Pro-Sorb Gp Jumping Numnah

The innovative LeMieux ProLambkin Pro-Sorb GP Jumping Numnah combines the benefits of the classic Lambskin Numnah with Pro-Sorb foam insert system.

Price: From £84.95

o Versatile combination numnah
o Pro-Sorb memory foam inserts
o Quality Merino lambskin half lining
o Aids in adjusting the fit of the saddle
o Can act as a front or rear riser
o Removes the need for separate risers
o Clear spine to allow cooling airflow
o Breathable and moisture wicking
o Low profile for exceptional fit
o Foam inserts included (10mm size)
o Ideal for working horses and those that change shape
Le Mieux has developed the Pro-Sorb System, which perfectly combines the benefits of the Merino Lambskin Numnah with the adjustability of the closed cell foam pad inserts. These foam inserts give you lots of flexibility to adjust the fit and balance of the saddle in a way that doesn't distort the fundamental fit of the saddle. This is done with slim inserts that offer extra support and comfort in key areas simply rising the saddle slightly yet providing exceptional impact absorption. This innovative system takes away the need for additional gel and foam riser pads on top as a second layer. The combination of a riser pad on top can often cause slipping and are hard to put in place accurately.It comes with 4x10mm foam inserts as standard and 6mm ones can be purchased separately. This numnah is perfect for horses that change shape often, particularly youngsters and can offer immeasurable benefits to horses in hard work, relieving pressure and impact felt in the main weight-bearing areas under the saddle. The Pro-Sorb LambSkin GP and Jumping Numnahs can act as a front or rear riser, simply adding inserts in the areas needed giving you greater flexibility with just one product. The low profile closed cell foam inserts are discreet and easy to fit, simply slotting under the Lamskin for extra impact protection in the main weight-bearing areas. It is still cut with the swan neck wither shape for further comfort and a superior fit, and offers the same amaving benefits of the natural la

Le Mieux ProLambskin GP Jumping Numnah Half Lined

LeMieux ProLambskin GP Jump Numnah Half Lined


From £69.95