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Small Bale Woodshavings

Lunnun Premium Woodshavings

Premium Woodshavings offer your small animals a warm, clean and comfortable bed to ensure they feel safe and happy.

Price: £3.89

• Clean and hygienic bed
• Made from renewable timber
• Warm and comfortable - feel safe
• Biodegradable - environmentally friendly
• Easy and convenient to use
• Ideal for small animals - rabbits, guinea pigs etc.

These Premium Woodshavings are clean and convenient, ideal for small animals to provide a hygienic bed for them to play, rest and sleep in. They are made from fast-growing softwood species of timber from renewable sources, working with the environment to prevent negative impact.

Woodshavings are very convenient and make cleaning out your rabbit or guinea pigs hutch much easier, simply remove dirty and solid shavings a replace with clean, to create a comfortable and hygienic bed for your small animals.

Allspan Premium Woodshavings offer small animals somewhere warm and comfortable to rest and sleep, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for happy and healthy pets!