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Stance Equine PowerStance Copra Meal Supplement

PowerStance Supplement is made using coconut oil, in a powdered form for convenient feeding, offering many nutritional and antimicrobial benefits.

Price: £24.18

• Powdered coconut oil contains antimicrobial benefits for gut health
• Good source of additional calories
• Providing the ingredients of Coolstance in a convenient powder supplement
• Enhances muscle Glycogen storage
• Contains MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
• Longer shelf life
• Ideal for fussy feeders, performance horses and weight gain
• Great alternative for horses who heat-up with grain
• Can be fed alongside Coolstance

The PowerStance Supplement contains coconut oil which is a good source of energy, providing extra calories to those who need it. Coconut oil also has antimicrobial benefits, helping to support and improve gut health. These benefits help the horse to get the best from their feed, improving overall health and condition.

Traditional vegetable oils contain longer fatty acid chains which are more difficult for the horse to digest and use efficiently. The Coconut oil within PowerStance contains MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are easier for the horse to digest and absorb, allowing the horse to gain further nutritional benefits from the supplement. Some of these MCT's (lauric acid and capric acid) have antimicrobial and anti-viral effects, supporting the horse's immune system.

The saturated coconut oil is less likely to turn rancid, giving it a longer shelf life. PowerStance can be fed with CoolStance the two together will provide results quicker and further support good overall condition and gut health.

You can feed PowerStance supplement to many different horses, it is ideal for fussy feeders due to the natural palatability of the coconut.