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PowerPlus B180 Energiser

Gallagher PowerPlus B180

Gallagher PowerPlus B180 is a strong storage battery to power an electric fence up to 13km.

Price: £209.00

• Powerful
• Powers a fence up to 13km
• Suitable for all types of animals
• Easy to use
• 5 settings
• Integral battery saving options
• Carrying handle
• Solar power option available

The B180 PowerPlus Energiser is powerful and will energise a fence up to 13km. It can be used for all types of animals and is easy to use.
There are five settings - Off - battery monitor - full power - random - night mode. The LED lights monitor the battery and output voltage. Green is OK. The B180 has a useful carrying handle and mounting. There is also a solar power option available.
Output voltage 8400V
Voltage at a 500 Ohm load 4800V
Output energy 1.25J
Power Consumption 140mA
2 year warranty