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Verm-X, Verm-X Powder for Horses and Ponies

Verm-X Powder for Horses and Ponies

Verm-X Powder is a parasite control for horses and ponies.

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This is a 100% natural formulation and controls all known internal parasites whilst being gentle on the animals gut and digestive system. Verm-X powder is fed every 10 to 12 weeks. Eleven different herbs are included in the formulation. As well as parasitic controlling herbs there are herbs for blood cleansing and others for gut maintenance. This product is particularly recommended for older horses.

Available in 80g sachet.
Quantity to feed an 80g sachet is the amount needed for a 5 day course.
Add 2 15ml scoops to your horses feed each day for 5 days consecutively. Repeat every 10 to 12 weeks.
Use half the amount for 11.2 and smaller, miniature breeds and small donkeys.
15ml scoop provided with the pack.

Pasture management.
It is crucial that all grazed paddocks, particularly used for horse, undergo vigilant pasture management. The life cycle of internal parasites involves eggs being passed out with the droppings. The eggs hatch and the larvae is then eaten on the grass by the grazers. Picking up the droppings will help but is not the full answer. Paddocks should always have periods of rest for several weeks at different times of the year. Infested pastures will prevent any management programme from being effective over a sustained period of time.