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Global Herbs Zephyr PolleneX Powder
Global Herbs Zephyr PolleneX Powder
Global Herbs Zephyr PolleneX Liquid

Global Herbs PolleneX

Pollen is a problem to many horses in the summer months this product will help to make the horse more comfortable. Available in syrup or powder.

Price: From £24.00

When the flowers are blooming and pollens are airborne, horses are often subject to breathing problems. PolleneX is a plant supplement that will help to relieve the symptoms of allergies associated with the pollens. This is a traditional formula for help with breathing and can be used in the summer or at any time when the horse's breathing is not quite perfect. If the problem with your horse is not just breathing but head shaking then ShakeFree may be a more suitable product.

PolleneX contains:- Justica adhatoda, Solanum xanthocarpum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Piper longum.
Average analysis - Crude Ash 11.85%, Crude protein 10.35%, Fibre 5.07%, Crude Fat 0.92%.

This product is available in a liquid 1 litre size or powder 500g. The powder will last 3-6 weeks for an average size horse. The liquid form of this product is a weaker dose than the powder.

Directions for Use for Powder:
For part or all of the relevant flowering season use 1 blue 25ml scoop twice daily for an average horse. Use higher levels for more severe situations.

Directions for use for Liquid:
For a 450kg horse use 25ml twice daily in feed.