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Equisafety Polite Leg Boots

Equisafety Polite Leg Boots

Equisafety Polite Leg Boots are made form a strong and durable yet soft high visibility waterproof fabric with a 2" reflective chequered band stitched on top.

Price: £13.99

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They are going to get very muddy in the winter, so we have made sure they can be chucked into the washing machine or into a bucket of water time after time and still come out looking brand new.

When the horse wears them on all 4 legs, they look fantastic and best of all the movement of the legs really catches the drivers eye. 2 pairs is advisable and look much smarter as well as more visible.

They are one size because they are so adjustable. They can fit a 11.2h show pony and go up to a 18h Clydesdale, you just cut off the velcro you don t use. They come in packs of 2.