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Oss-I-Chaff Paper Bedding

Oss-I-Chaff Paper Bedding

This useful Paper Bedding from Oss-I-Chaff is the perfect alternative to other traditional beddings, made from recycled products in the UK.

Price: £12.95

• Paper bedding made from recycled tea bag paper
• A Recycled Product made in the UK
• Absorbent and comfortable bed
• Practical 10kg bag - easy to move
• Easy to spread around the stable
• Ideal for Rabbits, Horses, Dogs, Cats and other small animals

This is an ideal bedding for small animals it comes in a 10kg bag which is a practical size for storage and carrying. Oss-I-Chaff Paper Bedding is made from recycled tea bag paper which is economical and absorbent.