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PaddockMaster Energiser

Gallagher PaddockMaster Without Battery

Gallagher PaddockMaster Electric Fence Energiser is operated by a battery. This is not included. It will power a fence up to 2km.

Price: £68.48

• Battery operated energiser
• Easy to use
• Use with a 9V battery or 12V rechargeable battery
• Warning light

The PaddockMaster is an energiser for an electric fence which is operated by adding either a 9V disposable battery or a 12V rechargeable battery. This is NOT INCLUDED. This unit will power an electric fence up to 2km. It is important to keep vegetation short along the electric fence line so that it does not earth out the wire or tape and so reduce its efficiency.

There is a warning light to advise you when the battery is getting low in power.

Output voltage 7000V
Voltage at a 500 Ohm load 2200V
Stored energy 0,19J
Output energy 0,15J
Power Consumption 25mA
2 year warranty