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Battles Equine Oxyshot Syringe 75ml

Equine Oxyshot Syringe 75ml

Oxyshot works by assisting oxygen levels by using natural ingredients. Even a small decrease in oxygen levels can change your horses behaviour very quickly.

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Oxyshot will tackle everyday stresses and anxiety in your horse, it will improve their concentration and enhance recovery.

Calmness in Transit:
If your horses tend to worry or stress when it comes to travelling then 1 shot (25ml) of Oxyshot immediately prior to loading will help them out. For longer journeys use an additional shot (25ml) during the transit.

Calmness in Competition:
If your horse starts to stress when in competition then use 1 shot (25ml) immediately prior to working.
Oxyshot will calm them down which then make them willing to work and have an able attitude. Which will make riding and handling horses safer and more enjoyable for yourselves, which will then improve your overall performance.
Calmness in Away from Home:
When your horse is in competition or breeding period this may require some time away from home. Use 1 shot (25ml) prior to the activity to make it easier for you and your horse.

Improved Recovery:
Use 1 shot (25ml) after your horses activity to optimise replenishment of Oxygen lost through physical activity.

Oxyshot is beneficial for an event horse or competition horse in continuous work.