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OSS-I-CHAFF Original

Oss-I-Chaff Original

Oss-I-Chaff Original can be used for horses with respiratory problems or when good hay is not available.

Price: £10.01

• Used for horses with respiratory problems.
• Used as full or partial hay replacement.
• Safe to use as a mixer.
• Easily digested as all ingredients are natural to your horses digestive system.
• Helps towards healthy gut function.

Chaff Original can be used as a full or partial hay replacement, which is safe and easy to use as a mixer as well.

No more soaking hay nets and no more dust and spores.

Chaff Original is an easily digested feed as all the ingredients are natural to the digestive system of your horse, this will help to ensure healthy gut function.
This product will ensure that feeds are eaten slowly which will help your horses digestion and allows maximum nutrition to be absorbed.

A mature horse or pony in light to moderate work requires 2kg of feed per 100kg of bodyweight per day, of which no more than 30% should be hard feed. Never over feed, especially feeds with a sugar or protein content.

Introduce new feeds gradually to allow the micro flora in the digestive system to work efficiently.

Horses are individuals and some will require less feed to put on or maintain weight than others.