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NAF Off Deet Power

NAF OFF Deet Power

This fly repellent for horses and ponies provides a long lasting and effective protection against insect menace, flies and horse flies.

Price: From £17.99

NAF Off Deet Power as the name suggests contains powerfully effective ingredients to deter flies and horse flies. Active ingredients N,19.8% w/w Ethyl 5% w/w
This fly spray is water based and ready to use.

Application of NAF Off Deet Power should be made by evenly spraying all over the horses body avoiding contact with eyes, mouth, broken skin and synthetic fibres.

As with all new products a patch test should be carried out on a small area of the horses skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction to Deet Power before full use commences.

During the summer months horses suffer the irritation from many different flying insects, help protect and keep your horse comfortable by reapplying NAF Off deet Power as often as required.