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Global Herbs Movefree Plus

Global Herbs Movefree Plus

For soundness, comfort and joint nutrition in horses add MoveFree Plus to your horses feed.

Price: From £49.75

Global Herbs MoveFree Plus is a unique herbal formula for horses that require the best help possible for their joints. MoveFree can be used just as easily in horses that are unable to move freely as those that need to maintain the highest degree of flexibility and fitness.

It can also be used routinely at lower levels to maintain good joint condition or intensively for short and long periods in difficult situations. The formula helps lubricate joints by providing nutritional support to joint fluids. It also helps soothe joints and maintains normal regenerative ability in order that the wear and tear of every day activity does not accumulate and cause difficulty.

Use of Restore at the start of a course of MovefreePlus can be beneficial for detoxification. StrongBone can also be important at a maintenance level to help with calcium balance of the bones within joints. When using MovefreePlus there is no need for additional supplementation with synthetic nutraceuticals. The formula is also useful for the maintenance of good condition in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Directions for Use:
For a 450kg horse, feed two level 25ml scoops twice daily. This is equivalent to feeding approximately. 50gm a day. After 2-3 months this amount can be reduced according to response. However the higher level and the longer you use MoveFree Plus the better your results will be. A tub of MovefreePlus will last an average horse 3-6 weeks.