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Pedigree Mixer

Pedigree Mixer

Pedigree Mixer is designed to be fed alongside Pedigree wet food, to create a balanced diet and aid digestion also promoting healthy gums and teeth.

Price: £24.52

• Dry texture kibble
• Supports healthy teeth and gums
• Made with wholegrain cereal - healthy digestion
• Essential fatty acids
• Whole wheat provides slow releasing energy
• To complement Pedigree wet food for a balanced diet
• Ideal for medium or large dogs

Pedigree mixer is a complimentary feed to be fed alongside Pedigree wet foods, providing a nutritionally balanced diet for your dog. The standard mixer is made from a textured standard sized kibble, for medium or large sized dogs. Mixer complements the less calorie dense and more moisture rich wet food perfectly, to provide further nutritional and health benefits. The crunchy dry mixer helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums and the wholegrain cereal is naturally higher in fibre, promoting healthy digestion.

The essential fatty acids in Pedigree mixer help to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin, keeping your dog looking and feeling fit and well. The whole wheat is a source of slow releasing energy, with complex carbohydrates giving your dog the controlled energy they need to enjoy a nice walk with you!

Feeding Guidelines:

Weight of dog/Pedigree mixer/Pedigree wet food
5kg / 50g / 200g
10kg / 80g / 300g
20kg / 135g / 600g
30kg / 185g / 800g
40kg / 225g / 1000g
50kg / 270g / 1200g

Pedigree Gravy Mixed Pack (12 Pack)

Pedigree Gravy Mixed Pack (12 Pack)