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Charnwood Mill Micronized Full Fat Linseed
Charnwood Mill Micronized Full Fat Linseed
Charnwood Mill Micronized Full Fat Linseed

Charnwood Milling Co Micronized Full Fat Linseed

Charnwood Micronized Full Fat Linseed is naturally high in slow releasing energy to promote condition and shine.

Price: £24.87

• Micronized (cooked) Linseed
• Safe to feed directly to livestock
• Improved palatability
• Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
• Supports immune response
• Source of powerful antioxidants
• Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
• Provides slow releasing energy
• Naturally low in starch
• High quality dietary fibre
• Ideal for promoting condition

The process of micronizing (cooking) Linseed not only improves the palatability but increases the nutritional value of the linseed and makes it safe to feed directly to livestock. Linseed is a high oil feed that is rich in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids to promote overall health and wellbeing. Omega 3 supports many key functions, such as inflammatory response, immune function and skin health, as well as providing a powerful source of antioxidants.

This oil rich feed is a straight feed and can be added to your horse's balanced daily ration for additional energy and nutrients. Do not feed Micronized Full Fat Linseed on its own without balancing with a supplement or balancer to ensure your horse is receiving the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. Linseed provides slow releasing energy for more controlled performance and promotes a show worthy shine.

Linseed naturally contains low levels of starch which is beneficial to all horses and ponies. It is great for horses that struggle to maintain condition and can be a good winter feed when your horse is using extra energy to stay warm. This palatable high energy feed is micronized for convenience and ease of use.