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Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder

EQyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder

EQyss Mega-Tek Coat Rebuilder will strengthen mane and tail hair, and can also be used to manage condition and revitalise the hoof.

Price: £24.30

o Revolutionary formula for manes, tails and hooves
o Helps to reduce breakages for healthy hair
o Use on areas where coat has been rubbed or scarred
o Use on hooves to condition and revitalise
o Great for horses with shelly, crumbly hooves
o Promotes thicker and fuller mane and tail hair
o Non-toxic and cruelty free (no animal testing)
o Strong and healthy hair from root to tip
o Easy to use creamy conditioner
This is a fantastic product that encourages the strong growth of hair and makes the hair less brittle. It does not contain polymers, oils or petroleum based products, which are known to dry and weaken hair, causing the hair to become brittle and break more easily. EQyss Mega-Tek Coat Rebuilder has a unique formula that even helps the re-growth of hair where it has been rubbed in places like the horse's shoulders or withers from rug rubs or sweetitch. It will even help to promote growth of a strong coat on boot rubs as well. This Coat Rebuilder can also be used on the horse's hooves to encourage faster growth. It nourishes dry damaged hooves helping to manage sand and quarter cracks, encouraging healthy hoof growth and strong supple hooves so that shoes are more secure and stay on. This revolutionary formula is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, strengthening hair from root to tip and promoting healthy hoof growth. Regular use will achieve the best results for overall hair and hoof condition. EQyss Rebuilder is easy to use and effective at encouraging thicker and fuller manes and tails, reducing breakages caused by grooming for healthy glossy hair. A versatile and innovative product that revitalisers hair leaving it looking thick, glossy and healthy. Perfect for every day maintenance and competition preparation to ensure your horse looks at their best!