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Companion Medicated Shampoo

Companion Medicated Shampoo

Regular use of the Companion Medicated Shampoo eliminates bacteria from the coat responsible for those doggy odours, for a fresher and cleaner doggy smell.

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o Formulated with Triclosan
o Helps to stop the "doggy smell"
o Eliminates bacteria from the coat
o Ideal for regular use
o Easy to use

Companion Medicated Shampoo is designed for thorough cleansing of the skin and coat, and with regular use should eliminate the natural dog odour for a cleaner more neutral scent. It contains the antibacterial agent Triclosan to penetrate into the coat, to eliminate the bad bacteria and promote a cleaner more healthy dog! This simple and easy to use shampoo is very effective and leaves your dog's coat looking and smelling much cleaner!