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Dodson & Horrell Mare and Youngstock (Phase 2)
Dodson & Horrell Mare and Youngstock (Phase 2)
Dodson & Horrell Mare & Youngstock

Dodson & Horrell Mare & Youngstock (Phase 2)

Mare & Youngstock is a feed for native and part-bred brood mares and foals from1-3 years and also stallions.

Price: £15.32

• Ideal as a follow on feed after Foal Mix
• Suitable for broodmare in foal and stallion
• Suitable for young horse 1-3 years
• Low intake
• High quality protein
• Contains vitamins and chelated minerals
• Contains folic acid

This feed is ideal for the next stage in development of your foal from the age of 1 - 3 years. It cis also ideal for brood mares in foal and stallions. Mare and Youngstock contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. It is a good source of protein and contains folic acid. Vitamin E and MOS help to improve colostrum quality. The added organic selenium and omega 3 fatty acids improve sperm quality. In particular the essential fatty acids, antioxidant and folic acid promote a healthy reproductive system.