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Global Herbs MagCalm
Global Herbs MagCalm
Global Herbs MagCalm

Global Herbs MagCalm

MagCalm is a magnesium calmer from Global Herbs designed to use when all else fails. None of the benefits of herbs but all the power of magnesium.

Price: From £36.00

MagCalm is a very unique calming supplement that is based on chelated (protein bound) magnesium and other minerals, together these ingredients help muscles work more effectively and promote calm in horses that become overexcited in situations.

Magnesium is a deficiency in many diets which can lead to poor tolerance to work and then your horses muscles can tie up quickly, promotes signs of nervousness, excitability and even muscle tremors, but this product is a very useful calmer when used at correct levels.

To be used on regularly basis especially if your horse is not responding to SuperCalm well enough or is experiencing uncomfortable muscle pain and difficulty in movement.

• Magnesium based supplement - Promotes horses calm when all else fails.
• MagCalm may correct a magnesium deficiency - Many horses diets are magnesium deficient.
• Great for horses with muscle pain or experiencing difficulty in movement.
• Can be used with FriskyMare or SuperCalm - as you will get the calming for your horses still but for different reasons if don't need the magnesium in their diet.