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Lorina Loop Ring Snaffle (Wilkie) bit

Lorina Loop Ring Bit

This Loop ring bit is often called a Wilkie style it is very popular for ponies who need extra breaks.

Price: £22.42

The loop ring wilkie style snaffle bit is a very popular bit for ponies in need of extra breaks. The wilkie snaffle has an action similar to a continental, utilising pressure on the poll and raising the bit in the horses mouth to achieve additional control without resorting to a stronger mouthpiece. The loop ring applies this action but to a milder degree, and with a much neater cheek, which is why it has found such favour for use on ponies that need something more than a snaffle. Some ponies dislike the action of a single joint, especially those with large tongues or small mouths, in which case a French link mouthpiece would be recommended to prevent head tossing.