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Horseware Duo Liner

Horseware Liner 300G

The Horseware Liner is a simple system that gives your rug outstanding insulation properties without the need for two rugs.

Price: £52.00

[Horse Rugs] 

o Provides your rug superior insulation properties
o Polyester outer and liner
o Fibrefill
o Compatible with all liner system rugs
o Available in lite 100g, medium 200g, heavy 300g and heavy 400g
o Also available in pony sizes lite 100g and medium 200g
o Rug sizes: 5'6 - 7'3
o Pony sizes: 3'9 - 5'9
o Easily washed

The Horseware Liner is an effective insulator that securely attaches by Velcro loops to the neck area of the outer rug and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping, compatible with all liner system rugs (where you see the liner system logo). A great and convenient way to successfully rug up your horse up this winter!