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Gold Label Limestone Flour

Gold Label Limestone Flour

Limestone Flour when fed regularly will support bone growth it is ideal for brood and lactating mares.

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• Rich in calcium
• Supports bone, teeth and hoof strength
• Ideal for brood and lactating mares
• Balances a diet high in grain/straight feeds
• Feed to restore calcium:phosphorus ratio
• Easy to feed

This is a calcium rich feed supplement that when fed regularly will support the growth of bones, teeth and hooves. Limestone Flour can be fed to brood and lactating mares to aid in development of the foal.

It is also useful for older horses and horses that are fed a high level of grain, helping to balance their diet. Straight feeds often lack calcium and it is important to maintain the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio to prevent deficiencies and health problems, so calcium supplementation is often essential.

Horses on a fully balanced diet or fed a complete Multivitamin supplement do not require additional supplementation.
Composition: Calcium Carbonate
Analytical Constituents: Calcium - 39.4% Ash Insoluble in HCI - 0.5%
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Replace lid after use.

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