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Lister Liberty Popular Pack

Lister Liberty Popular Pack

Liberty Popular Pack is a handy, easy to use Battersea clipper, containing the clippers, blades and rechargeable powerpack.

Price: £383.83

• 2.5 hours clipping time from Powerpack
• Ventilated head
• Overload switch to protect motor from damage
• No air filters for low maintenance
• Rechargeable power pack
• 12V motor
• A2F blades supplied.

The Liberty clippers come complete with a Powerpack which is rechargeable. The rechargeable power pack will last up to 2 1/2 hours clipping time and allow the user to clip in any location. The 12V motor is protected by an overload switch if the clippers get jammed. The ventilated head keeps the blades cool and helps to keep the clipped hair out of the users eyes.

Weight 800g, Grip diameter 57mm, Power source mains or Powerpack.