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Shires Daisy Reins

Shires Leather Daisy Reins

The Shires Aviemore Leather Daisy Rein helps prevent children being unseated byponies putting their heads down to graze.

Price: £13.82

" Aviemore eco-friendly leatherwork
" Stainless steel fittings
" Prevents ponies grazing while being ridden
" Stops children being unseated by snacking ponies
" Easy to fit
" Adjustable
" Colours: black and Havana
" Size: Pony/cob

The Leather Daisy Rein is designed using Aviemore eco-friendly leatherwork,
tanned using vegetable derivatives to produce soft and supple leather with a
traditional look and stainless steel fittings. Easily fitted by buckling onto
both sides of the saddle, then buckles onto the crown of the bridle which
prevents the pony being able to lower their head to the ground.