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Dodson & Horrell Layers Pellets

Dodson & Horrell Layers Pellets

Dodson and Horrell Layers Pellets provide free range and outdoor chickens with all they need to stay healthy when laying, for tasty eggs with strong shells.

Price: From £4.72

o Complete feed for laying hens
o Non-GM ingredients
o Natural yolk pigment
o Essential fatty acids
o Calcium and phosphorus
o Promotes strong healthy shells
o Balanced vitamins and minerals
o Suitable for laying ducks and Bantams
o Available in 5kg and 20kg bags

Dodson & Horrell Layers Pellets are made with high quality non GM ingredients, to a consistent vegetarian recipe. They contain all the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy chickens and delicious eggs with strong shells. Natural yolk pigment is included for a deep golden yolk and tasty eggs.They also support free range and outdoor chickens during lay to improve stamina and recovery, ensuring healthy chickens that produce great eggs!