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Laser Sheen

Farnam Laser Sheen

Laser Sheen gives a show ring shine that lasts a week. It also detangles your horses mane and tail.

Price: £24.30

This product is a high-tech silicone hair polish which gives your horse's coat instant highlights to emphasize and define conformation, a really top product. Ready to use in a spray bottle.

Main features are:-
Manes and tails become softer, shinier and more manageable.
Laser Sheen is never oily or sticky.
Gentle enough for sensitive skinned horses.
Repels dust and dirt and prevents stains from grass, urine and manure.
Cuts grooming and drying time in half.
One application lasts up to a full week.
Laser Sheen keeps horses coats glossy, and mane and tail free of tangles for up to a full week.