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Purina Go Cat Kitten

GoCat Kitten

Go Cat Kitten with chicken, milk and added vegetables has been carefully developed to provide the nutrition your kitten needs to become a healthy adult cat!

Price: £5.51

• Formulated for growing kittens
• Promotes healthy growth
• Complete and fully balanced
• Contains high quality protein
• With chicken and milk
• Added vegetables
• Supports strong teeth and bones
• Vitamin E - immune system
• Source of Taurine

Go Cat Kitten with chicken and milk has been developed by the feline nutritional experts at Purina, formulated with the nutrition your kitten needs to grow into a healthy adult cat. Essential vitamins and minerals support good development with vitamin E to promote a strong immune system.

Go Cat Kitten is also a source of Taurine, which is important for promoting good eyesight and a healthy heart. Only quality proteins are used to make Go Cat Kitten food, ensuring your kitten has the support and energy they need to grow and play!

Go Cat Kitten is 100% complete and provides a healthy and nutritious meal, with minerals for strong bones and healthy teeth providing the ideal food for transition for mothers milk.