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Woof Wear Junior short boots sizes 3-5

Woof Wear Junior Short Yard Boots (SALE)

Woof Wear Junior Short Yard Boots are tough, multi purpose boots for heavy use in the yard, stable or field all year round. RRP-£36.00

Price: £18.48

• One strap - no fuss fastening for a custom fit
• Fleece lined throughout for warmth
• Redesigned rubber galosh for durability and slimmer look
• Arch support insole for extra comfort
• Heavy duty grip outsole
• Made in Europe.

The next generation of the very popular Woof Wear Junior Short Yard Boot. The boot has been completely redesigned to ensure wearer comfort and a great look.

The heavy duty sole provides increased durability and grip in all terrains while a no-fuss one strap fastening makes them quick and easy to take on and off. These boots are fully fleece lined to keep you cosy and have a comfortable insole with arch support for extra comfort.