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Purina Go Cat Indoor Cat

GoCat Indoor

Price: £5.51

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• 100% nutritionally complete
• Hairball control - essential fibre
• Helps to reduce litter tray odour
• Balanced nutrition - weight management
• Delicious wholesome ingredients
• With tasty chicken and garden greens

Go Cat Indoor Cat Food is 100% nutritionally complete with everything your cat needs to maintain a healthy lean body weight, for overall vitality. Made using quality ingredients with essential fibre, to help control hairballs and promote good digestive health.

Go Cat Indoor Cat Food has been specially formulated with chicory and vegetables to support the intestinal tract and reduce litter tray odour. Carefully balanced energy levels help your cat to maintain a good lean body condition.

Go Cat Indoor Cat with chicken and green vegetables is fully balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals, to help keep your house cat stays fit and active.