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Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots
Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots
Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots

Horseware Ice-Vibe Boot

The Ice-Vibe Boots by Horseware are a very effective and user friendly way to apply circulation therapy and cooling to your horses legs.

Price: £200.00

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o Reduces soreness and swelling
o Help boost circulation
o Stimulates healing
o 3 settings for different treatments
o To Fit the lower leg (fore and hind)
o Easy to use
o Secure Velcro fastening
o Repels shavings
o Beaded gel packs - optimal performance and fit
o Includes: 2 boots, 2 ice packs, 2 panels and 1 charger

The Ice-Vibe Boots are designed to fit the lower leg; with the newly developed longer boots they have an excellent fit on both the front and hind legs. Extremely easy to use simply wrap around the ice pack and secure with the Velcro fastening, then place the boot on secure and select setting (can be used without the the ice packs). Three different settings for different treatments help personalise your horse'sleg care; Level 1 - Treatment of soreness & swelling (use with or without cold pack), Level 2 - Boosts circulation with or without pack (can be used without cold pack to prepare legs for exercise), Level 3 - Strongest setting for cold therapy after exercise to repair wear and tear. All three settings are set on an automatic timer so no need to watch the time or worry about turning them off.