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Dengie Hi-Fi Original with Apple

Dengie Hi-Fi Original with Apple

Hi-Fi Original with Apple has a tempting aroma that makes it ideal for fussy feeders, with added pellets and a blend of soft quality straw with alfalfa.

Price: £13.13

o Apple flavour low calorie chaff
o High fibre feed supports digestive health
o Naturally low in sugar and starch
o Nutrient rich alfalfa and soft quality straw
o NIS and apple pellets for added variety
o Free from artificial colourings
o Tempting apple flavour
o Great for adding bulk to feeds
o Ideal as a partial hay re-placer
o Encourages chewing and extends feeding time
Hi-Fi Original with Apple is ideal for providing horses and ponies at rest or in light work with a high fibre diet. Hi-Fi Original with Apple contains real apple pellets, to provide a really tasty fibre feed for your horse or pony. The Alfalfa is high temperature dried to retain nutrients and is naturally low in starch and sugar yet rich in calcium. It contains a high quality source of protein required for growth and repair of cells, promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat that is full of life. The mix of soft quality straw and alfalfa with Nutritionally Improved Straw pellets and apple pellets provides essential fibre for digestive health, ensuring food is passed through the digestive system slowly for optimum digestion. Fibre also provides controlled levels of slow releasing energy and extends chewing time to satisfy your horse's natural feeding habits and desire to chew. Dengie Hi-Fi Original with Apple is free from artificial colouring. This high fibre feed can be fed as the sole feed instead of cereal based mixes and cubes but a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement or balancer must be added to balance your horse's nutrient intake. It can also be fed with concentrated feeds to add bulk and prolong feeding time. It is perfect for fussy horses and ponies adding variety to your horse's diet with the addition of pellets and the tempting apple flavour.