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Dengie Hi-Fi Good Do-er

Dengie Hi-Fi Good Do-er

Hi-Fi Good Do-er is the complete maintenance feed for horses and ponies prone to weight gain.

Price: £14.13

Dengie Hi-Fi Good-Doer is a high-fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses & ponies with added vitamins & minerals. Hi-Fi Good Do-er is a blend of alfalfa and quality soft straw, lightly coated with molasses and spearmint oil. Hi-Fi Good Do-er is an easy to feed, high-fibre feed containing nutrients that those on restricted grass and forage intake might be missing out on. Ideal for overweight horses and ponies or those that maintain their weight easily. Includes natural spearmint oil to tempt fussy eaters. Hi-Fi Good Do-er can be used as a total or partial hay replacer simply replace the weight of hay with the same weight of Hi-Fi Good Do-er or feed ad-lib.