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SleekEZ Grooming Tools
SleekEZ Grooming Tools
SleekEZ Grooming Tool - Large
Sleekez Grooming Tool - Medium
Sleekez Grooming Tool - Small

SleekEZ Grooming Tool

The SleekEZ Grooming Tool is unique shedding tool for use on all shedding animals, effectively removing loose hair, dirt and grime from the coat.

Price: £21.95

o Removes loose hair and embedded dirt from the coat year round
o Created to be used on a variety of coats from fine to course and long to short
o Extremely gentle, yet highly effective
o The exclusive blade will not cut the hair or damage the coat
o For all coats that shed
o Poplar wood handle, treated to protect it in the outdoor environment
o A unique, patented tooth pattern comb exclusive to SleekEZ
o Easy to use
o 3 sizes available; small, medium and large

The SleekEZ Grooming Tool is designed with a unique metal blade with a tooth pattern exclusive to SleekEZ proving to effectively remove loose hair and dirt, the poplar wooden handle is treated for the outdoor environment and comfort whilst in your hand. Great for all year round use on shedding coats and creates the perfect shine when used with a soft brush or cloth. The SleekEZ Grooming Tool comes in three different handy sizes; small - 2.5", Medium - 5 and Large - 10", making it perfect for use on cats, dogs, horses and any other shedding animals or livestock.
SleekEZ's patented, exclusive blade removes pet hair, dirt and dander from many types of upholstery, carpeting, saddle pads, cinches, horse blankets and more. The blade is comprised of tiny teeth arranged in a special pattern that allows it to be used safely on a variety of applications.