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Westgate Grazing Muzzle

Jumpers Horse Line Grazing Muzzle

The Westgate Comfort Grazing Muzzle has added padding to protect your horse from rubs, with adjustable straps to help achieve a good fit.

Price: £18.24

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• Durable woven nylon
• Stainless steel fastenings
• D ring for leading
• Fully adjustable to ensure a good fit
• Padding over the poll and under throat
• Removable padding for extra comfort
• Available in a range of colours and sizes

The Westgate comfort grazing muzzle is made from durable yet soft woven nylon webbing. It features a quick release Velcro fastening on the head piece for enhanced safety during turnout. There is padding on the headpiece over the poll and the strap under the cheeks, which is removable. It is important to get a good fit to keep the muzzle securely in place, so the muzzle is fully adjustable on each of the straps and has a clip making it easier to put on and take off. The stainless steel fastenings are strong and there is an added D ring for leading.
If you are using a grazing muzzle for the first time make sure your horse is able to drink and eat through the muzzle before turning him out. Try it on in the stable for short periods of time and offer food and drink by hand while your horse is wearing it.

The Westgate Grazing Muzzle is a great way to restrict your horses grazing in a weight maintenance regime, helping to keep your horse in good condition whilst still allowing them turnout time and grazing.

Materials: Nylon webbing