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Roma Gel Grip Hoof Pick
Roma Gel Grip Hoof Pick
Roma Gel Hoof Pick

Roma Gel Grip Hoof Pick

These Gel Hoof Grips are a must have in your grooming box. The gel handle aids comfort and grip when cleaning out your horses hooves.

Price: £5.50

• Gel handle
• Moulds to your grip
• Pick to remove stones
• Brush for removal of dirt

These Gel Grip Hoof Picks are handy for picking stones and other hard things out of the hooves, then the bristles come in handy to brush out sand, dry mud etc...

The gel is only on the part that you grip with your hands not all over, the great thing about the gel handles is that when you have held one for even a few seconds and release, your finger print is still moulded into the gel. The handle itself measures from top to bottom 16cm long and 9 1/2cm round. The pick itself measures 4cm long and the bristles measure 3 1/2cm long.