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Global Herbs Friskymare

Global Herbs Friskymare

FriskyMare is a natural herbal supplement that will help to promote good behaviour in hormonal mares.

Price: £33.75

• Quick action
• Aids in promoting good behaviour in mares
• Use for hormonal mares
• Palatable
• Do not feed to pregnant mares or those due to conceive.

This is a tried and tested product with many good reviews in its use for mares who become difficult during their oestrus cycle. FriskyMare should be fed to those horses who have behavioural problems and will help to calm and balance their system. It is a palatable product and can be fed continually for long term maintenance or just during the breeding season.

Instructions for Use:
Average Horse 2 scoops twice daily
Large Horse 3 scoops twice daily
Small Pony 1 scoop twice daily

Introduce gradually at first then build up to 2 level 25ml scoops twice daily. Keep at this level for 4 to 6 weeks.
Long term maintenance can be at this level or half.

Scoop provided in tub, 1 blue 25ml scoop = approximately 12g.