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Verm-X, Verm-X for Cats

Verm-X For Cats

Verm-X Cat Crunchies are made using real pieces of salmon and chicken creating a delicious and healthy treat for your cat, with the unique Verm-X blend.

Price: £9.85

o Unique blend of herbs
o Natural control of intestinal hygiene
o Delicious crunchy reward
o Contains salmon and chicken
o Added pro-biotic Suitable for cats of all ages
o Easy to feed
Verm-X for Cats is made using only the best 100% pure natural ingredients, formulated to offer effective intestinal hygiene control and promote good overall health. These healthy treats are made using a combination of delicious ingredients including real pieces of salmon and chicken for the perfect daily treat with added health benefits. Verm-X for cats also contains pro-biotic's to support good digestive health, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system and ensure your cat gets the best from their food. They can be safely fed to senior cats and kittens, as well as adult cats, and can be offered to your cat as a daily treat or reward, used as a treat for play balls and toys or added to meals whole or crushed up. They are free from wheat, gluten and cereals making them suitable for cats with those intolerances or sensitive tummies. The unique Verm-X formula is made from a carefully developed mix of quality herbs, providing a natural alternative to chemical based intestinal hygiene products in an easy to feed crunchy and delicious treat for cats of all ages.

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