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Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel

Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel

A gel fly repellent for horses to help protect them against horseflies, midges, gnats, flies and other biting insects.

Price: £9.28

This gel fly repellent from Lincoln contains DEET as one of it's repellent ingredients. The gel base makes it ideal for horses who are afraid of spray applications or application to areas close to eyes or sheath where more accuracy is needed.

The gel contains other moisturising ingredients to help the condition of the horses skin. It also has a pleasant smell, ideal for when you are riding.

Application should be by hand directly onto the horses skin at a rate of 5g per 30cm2 of coat whenever there is fly worry, concentrating on the areas most prone to fly irritation but taking care to avoid the eyes and sheath.

The Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel is approved under the control of pesticides regulations 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. HSE8295.