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Westgate JHL Pro Steel Flexible Stirrups

JHL Flexible Stirrups

JHL Pro Steel Flexible Stirrups feature flexible inserts on both sides of the stirrup, providing impact absorption to ease the strain on joints.

Price: £46.36

• Steel frame with flexible inserts
• Provides impact absorption
• Strong and durable design
• Textured tread for grip
• Moves with the motion
• Ideal for all riding disciplines

This is an innovative stirrup design that incorporates a traditional steel frame with flexible inserts on each stem. The JHL Pro Steel Flexible Stirrups allow more freedom of movement for the rider, helping to ease the stress and strain on joints, yet they are still strong and durable.

When riding the stirrups also help to absorb some of the impact and are more comfortable to use than standard metal stirrup irons. The tread is textured so that your feet can grip and not slip about keeping your foot steady and in place.

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