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Dodson & Horrell Flake Barley

Dodson & Horrell Flake Barley

Flake Barley has been micronised and is a high energy addition to add to any feed.

Price: £8.83

• Straight feed
• Micronised to improve digestibility
• High energy

Flake Barley from Dodson and Horrell has been micronised to improve digestibility. Micronising is cooking the barley by infrared this breaks down the cereal and gelatinises the starch molecules making easier for a horse to digest. The cooking process ensures that the protein quality is maintained and harmful toxins destroyed. Flake Barley should not be fed alone but added to another feed.
Please note some horses have been known to have allergic reactions to Barley.

Analysis: Protein 10%, Oil 2%, Fibre 4.5%

Introduce to your horse gradually as you would with any new feeding stuff to make sure he does not suffer any allergic reactions, or it may cause your horse to fizz up.