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NAF Respirator 5 Star Boost
NAF Respirator 5 Star Boost
NAF Respirator 5 Star Boost

NAF Five Star Respirator

Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs.

Price: £39.47

NAF Respirator 5 Star contains naturally sourced antioxidants which are a unique blend of nutrients to give the horse's lungs valuable support when under pressure from dust and other particles that affect the respiratory system in his environment. Five Star Respirator contains procyanadins and flavonoids with ortho phenolic groups which are very potent. These support the mucosal immune system for healthy lung function. It is recommended for all horses who are showing signs of a compromised lung function particularly when a horse is stabled or may be in the vicinity of another horse showing the symptoms.
Feed Respirator when compromised lung function or in a dusty environment, it will help to support clear, healthy lungs.

Feeding Instructions: Horses 33g daily - 1 scoop. Horses in competition use 66g daily - 2 scoops. Ponies 16.5g daily - 1/2 scoop. Ponies in competition use 33g daily - 1 scoop. NAF recommend for competition the additional support from Respirator Boost.