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Dodson & Horrell Fiber Performance

Dodson & Horrell Fibre Performance

Fibre Performance will give your horse plenty of chewing time keeping him occupied and keeping his hind gut healthy.

Price: £14.72

• High energy fibre
• Increased chewing time
• Increasing occupational therapy and diet enrichment
• Providing fuel and energy for work from a fully balanced Competition fibre
• Helps to maintain a healthy hind gut
• Supports post-work muscle glycogen recovery and hydration

Fibre Performance is a dust free fibre based feed for competition horses and ponies. It provides energy similar to Competition Mix and gives plenty of chewing time to keep your horses digestion healthy. It contains 28 vitamins and also the minerals required for muscular, hoof, coat, joint and immune health. The blend of antioxidants with electrolytes are designed for the athletic competition horse.