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Biotal Equine Gold
Biotal Equine Gold
Biotal Equine Gold

Biotal Equine Gold

Biotal Equine Gold is a live yeast supplement scientifically formulated to promote digestive health and strengthen the immune system.

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o Live yeast supplement for horses
o Scientifically formulated
o Enhances friendly bacteria
o Improves digestive health
o Promotes optimum performance
o Aids in maintenance of condition
o Helps to combat symptoms of stress
o Strengthens the immune system
o Ideal for older horses Suitable for all horses and ponies
Biotal Equine Gold is formulated to help your horse maintain condition by enabling them to digest and make full use of their feed. This supplement will promote the correct levels of acidity in his stomach and also help to sustain his immune system. It may also aid in times of stress, helping to maintain normal digestive function to eliminate the common symptoms and keep your horse calmer. Equine Gold is also particularly beneficial for older horses, promoting condition and optimum digestion to maintain condition and support overall vitality. The unique live yeast in this supplement for horses has been selected from a thousand strains for their beneficial effect on the gut. Biotal Gold can be feddaily to all horses and ponies. This unique supplement from Biotal has been scientifically formulated and contains high quality ingredients to improve the levels of friendly bacteria in your horse's gut. It is ideal for horses and ponies that struggle to maintain their weight or for additional support during times of stress. A 750g tub will last approximately 30 days. (When fed at the recommended one 25g scoop per day). Ingredients Wheat middings, yeast, mannanoligosaccharide Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Complies with Rules for racing and FEI rules.