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Winergy Equilibrium Condition

Winergy Equilibrium Condition

Winergy Equilibrium Condition promotes condition safely through a high fibre and oil formula that supports healthy digestion and more controlled behaviour.

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o Higher oil and fibre content
o Non-heating formula
o Encourages positive behaviour
o Controlled levels of starch
o Oil for slow releasing energy
o Supports muscle tone and function
o Improves and maintains digestive health
o Scientifically proven to provide safe conditioning
o Ideal for horses needing condition with minimal starch

Winergy Equilibrium Condition is a conditioning feed proven to support muscle function and maintain optimum digestive health. The higher fibre content provides necessary energy in a safer and more controlled way compared to that of cereals and also maintains good overall digestive health. The highly digestible fibres used to make Winergy Equilibrium condition, provides essential calories to promote condition. Equilibrium Condition also contains higher levels of oil, great for coat and skin condition, promoting a healthy shiny coat. Oil also provides the extra calories needed to improve condition and provides slow releasing energy, which further encourages positive and more productive behaviour. Winergy Equilibrium Condition is low in starch, found in cereals, associated with sometimes fizzy or excitable behaviour. For horses prone to muscle problems, Equilibrium Condition can provide the extra calories needed whilst supporting muscle health and helping to prevent problems, such as ERS (tying up), associated with high cereal, low fibre diets. Winergy Equilibrium Condition use a unique balanced blend of slow, moderate and rapidly fermenting fibres which helps to protect against any increase in pasture consumption and forage, ensuring gut health. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from rodents and other contaminants.